be content with oneself

Reiki Principles

Just for today

I will not worry
I will not be angry
I will do my work honestly
I will be grateful for my many blessings
I will be kind to all living things

Reiki Principles

about me...
I would say from my teenage years I always had a 'knowing' something else in the universe was with us. A spiritual connection but wasn't sure what, and I just assumed we all felt the same. This developed over the years as I got older and started to develop more. So, I went along to a Spiritualist Church and everything started to make more sense. I was invited to join a circle and developed this skill more. I now am very intuitive and pick up on energy and sense when spirit is present.


This led me to my journey and introduction with Reiki Healing. I was so fascinated,  that I had to pursue this as I felt this was my path, I had a fabulous Teacher who guided me and had my first attunement to Reiki in 2016. Then in 2017 I progressed so I could then give Reiki to my family and friends. I knew after this that I wanted to become a Reiki Master / Teacher so I trained and had my further attunements in 2017. I am now fortunate to be able to give Reiki Healing to everyone who wishes for this. And we now have our beautiful peaceful Reiki Room called 'The Garden Room'. If preferred I am also able to give distance healing.